Power of Free Will

Living the Law of Harmony

Many people enjoy the thrill and tension in their lives. But what if these tensions grow to conflicts – both inside and outside? We are used to flee from physical and emotional pain – we try to suppress them or enter a combat. This rarely leads to a permanent success. Yet there are states of awareness in every one of us, which have the competence to make a decision or to release these tensions and consciously decide their harmonization. In this workshop you will learn how to access this state of consciousness, learn to understand it and how to practically use it to fill your life with more joy and easiness. You will get insights in paths, which are rarely taught and even more rarely explained. You can experience by yourself how to apply higher principles of life in your daily routine. By doing so you start to understand every inharmonious creation in its core and how to lead it back into harmony without having to act.

Living more easiness

There are simple ways to more easiness in life – we just have to walk along them! You neither need any pre-experience nor meditation for years. We open the understanding of the principles so you can experience a glimpse of the new world in just two days – the paradise we had originally planned for, in just two days.

Most of these effects are misunderstood as martial arts, but they have nothing to do with either fight or sport :). They are also called “Inner Alchemy” and “Inner Martial Arts”. After just one weekend, you’ll be able to do more, as a martial artist, for example, who spent 4 years to learn from an Asian master. Why? Because only a consciousness in which there is no more conflict, the higher law can work through it. Only then does real use of Free Will happen, because for it there is no struggle. This is the physical experience of authentic love to the self and others.

We will be particularly concerned with the implementation of these principles in everyday life, as exciting as these effects of physical application may be, they are hardly needed in a daily normal life and represent no improvement for one’s own life. Our automated emotions and thoughts, social constraints, energetic contracts, and karmic entanglements captivate us rather than the grimace of other people. The physical exercises will serve to explore and implement those principles in order to remove these much more important fetters.

Possible CONTENT, depending on the questions and knowledge of the participants

We will experience the differences between dual and unified perception and its embodiment. Between mental-emotional-physical discord and harmony. Between “normal”: let the outer world dominate the inner world; or “natural”: directing the outer as mirror image with the inner world.

  • What is the Free Will
  • How do we unconsciously create self-restraint, and how do we resolve it
  • Recognize the perennial blessing and make it work in life
  • The Natural Laws of Harmony & their artificial overlay
  • Differences of action from ego and Self
  • Rediscover and use forgotten “pure” states
  • Fundamentals and Practice of Influencing the Spirit
  • Consciousness, peace, love & aggression in action
  • Intuition in theory & practice
  • Independently raising the energy level
  • Effect of “positive” and “negative” thoughts/words
  • Use aggression as an elemental force, in distinction to anger
  • Release internal blockages and adjust them to the external effect
  • (re-)memory and confidence in intuition
  • Effect & amp; solution of internal and external stresses
  • Natural sensitivity & empathy
  • Free to choose emotions
  • Principles of manifestation & demanifestation
  • Collapse of waves
  • Element perception in meditation and its demanifestation sequence
  • How blind spots, ignorance and ignorance are resolved
  • The mirror image of the self in the other
  • “The Harmonizer”: Blockades harmonize themselves, without your intervention.
  • Spontaneous Animamotion “SAM”, level 1: An easy & deep tension releasing technique
  • Access to inherent knowledge
  • Creating true peace in all walks of life

“That which is, is peace. All that needs to be done is to stay in silence. Peace is our true nature.”
Ramana Maharshi

Accompanied by

Abuna Semai

Begleiter Beschreibung

translated: “Father of Hearts”

Life never appeared as a fight to me. Also, the striving for society-compliant aims in life, such as marriage, children, housing and retirement raised a kidlike lack of understanding in me. Though I did not know any other way, I always had the feeling that there was one way almost close enough to touch. Instinctively, I started looking for the unknown without knowing if there even was ‘something bigger’ in life, which nobody seemed to know, but which is closer to us than our own heartbeat. There were very few people who had found these answers – like Jesus or Buddha – and their statements were so cryptic that I could barely do anything practical with that.
For decades I assembled the overall picture piece by piece – which today I call the ‘law of harmony’ or ‘the blessing’. The understanding of this and how to make it come in daily routine is what I teach.

abuna semai selbstermaechtigung
Many doctrines and teachers, who mostly lived parts of this law, but did not understand it – or understood it, but did not live it – or who kept it as a secret – came across me in exotic names such as Panca Daya, quantum healing, Kunlun from Max Christensen, inner alchemy, body intelligence from Karl Grunick, Svarga from Sergej Polunin and others. My own introspective researches through meditation lead me to new discoveries and techniques, such as the ‘Harmonizer’ or ‘SAM’, the Spontaneous Animamotion / Movements. Dozens of different techniques, spiritual experiences and also confusion lead me to the intuitive feeling that there is something unifying behind all of that. This unifying principle is hidden behind different names, vain authorships and uncountable, miserable attempts to explain.

That which heals is the universal-one always. It is that close to us, that only the ‘not doing’ already effects everything. We approach to this through the first phenomena of our True Self, the three ‘Dantian’. As well as I am able to, it will only take you a few hours to understand, feel and live the basics of this. You will be able to understand, feel and act in this nature of us – not only to have exciting experiences during the workshop, but transfer it into your everyday life.

“The ups and downs of life, joy and pain, only affect the ego, the self always remains pure and undefiled.”
Ramana Maharshi



Organizational costs may apply. Workshop content is always & everywhere purely on a donation basis.


Weekend-Workshops, for Cairo:
Fri. 9 am – 6 pm &
Sat. 9 am – 4 pm


“… today was the end of the first 7day cycle for SAM and also sun meditation, i plan on going until probably a 40 day cycle. In sam practice [spontaneous movement], it is very clearing, i can describe it as a dirty mirror being cleansed so truth may be seen clearly. Many times after practice i get really amazing realizations about trinity [divine qualities in unity] and how to ‘be’ although it lasts only little, but in 2 cases when this happened and also an external issue was occuring, by implementing the method realized it dissolved so smoothly. I can tell it is still sometime for real results, but it is best mixed with sun meditation because either alone are relatively less powerful in effect, and together also help me decrease food intake by 50-60% if not more, and also with meditation it helps to get more in tune with trinity state. … Also, not only does it assist in v. less food but also ease of transition to light food, and no sugar.”


„Wow … i just want to express dmy immense gratitude for having met u and how grateful i am and that i feel so blessed, and that really since march’s 2 sessions about sun & freewill my life has definitely took a marvelous turn and exciting and totally fresh & new and really thanks to u, and for sure i would love if for further more …??????????“


„THANK YOU one more time for the workshop Empowerment of the Self. It is almost unbelievable how extensive and fast so much has changed since then – and how calm my inside is. To me the most valuable thing is to understand the basic relations between so much (at least with my intellect) and thereby to have an inner compass for the most different situations and challenges in life. My feelings and experiences show me that by using this compass, I am on the right way for me now. And all the changes, both inside and outside, are marvellous and/or intense – every day anew.”


“This workshop gave me the creeps at minute intervals! Thank you from the heart.”


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