Live your heart

Always again now!

Living the heart opens a journey to itself, which can sometimes be very curvy, which we may also be allowed to strap on sometimes to see where we are at present. Regularly pause, meditate and feel what is going on in this here and now. Living the moment means, not just the beautiful things in life, but everything life has to offer. Being in the moment is something that demands our full attention – likely something interferes and tries to seduce us with thoughts rather quickly, and precedes: “What will I wear tomorrow?”, “What could I cook next?”, “How is XY going?”. In addition to the mental constructs, there are also emotional blockages and physical sensations that cross our daily lives, which we perhaps just too gladly, occasionally, try to escape from time to time.

Nothing changes,
until you change s o m e t h i n g,
And suddenly everything changes.

This means starting on a small scale, piece by piece, for what everyone already is, here and now. Not just looking in the direction, but consciously looking and no longer unconsciously reacting to it, but staying peaceful, to realize that everything is in our hands. Through silent as well as lived meditation, it is possible to get a look behind the facade and to recognize which patterns, roles and topics are in us. So the world serves us as a mirror that we face through our mental, emotional and physical responses. These are not wrong, but work for us as a guide.

The Living Your Heart Accompaniment is a way to open up the space by being ready to face yourself. By allowing yourself to recognize what is behind thoughts, emotions and sensations. With unconditional joy as a compass, we have a tool at our disposal in each process that we use to work things out by themselves. Whether lived or still: it is a pleasure to meet oneself. No ritual, no belief or faith, no affirmation – only surrender to the moment, which allows the heart to experience lived in itself.

Living your heart means more than treating yourself to something good just once a day. We are visitors of this earth, who, equipped with abilities, came here to live paradise on earth. The farther we are from our heart, the farther away paradise seems. Lingering in a place we call “home”, we have forgotten where our natural home is. In which what seems to be so far away is basically very close.

Each workshop is unique and may arise at the moment of coming together. I do not plan and will get involved with each participant individually. We keep evolving and so no-thing is stable. The heart is in agreement and we dive into this unity together. What happens is special every time.

What resonates in each workshop:

• Living meditation / Silent meditation
• Trinity
• Inside as well as outside
• The world as a mirror
• Joy as a compass
• Communication / intuition
• Principles of the heart

Your companion


Trainer Beschreibung

My physical heart beats for almost 30 years before I realized that there are other levels besides the body that I can communicate with. From now on, I consciously set out on the journey to myself. If we recognize ourselves, we are not finished, but the arrival in the heart opens up new paths in the space of all possibilities, which we can take advantage of. Living the heart brings with it a naturalness that shows a new world in which we may allow ourselves to let go. Old habits, beliefs and fears that prevent us from being ourselves. We are not our thoughts, but we have thoughts. What that means shows the heart unconditionally. To live this means devotion. Devotion to the moment. Always again now!

I show through living, how everyone can implement this for themselves, so that this can be made accessible in everyday life. For what you need is not a teacher, more than your willingness to turn to yourself.

We come from doing to being,
from the perception of time to the “here and now”
and from the idea of your self-image to the true self.

I’ll show you how your outside world is linked to your inner self and what world is waiting for you as soon as you consciously surrender to your heart.



Always & everywhere purely on donation basis


Weekend Workshops
Sat 10-18h & Sun. 10-16h


“Thank you, Laura, you have been a great asset to me. … Thank you, and thanks to your daughter and her presence, through you we are a complete family, your energy will be more present now that you are gone, there is something seems to be missing.”
Alexander S. (after the workshop in Tenerife)


“Thank you again for the wonderful workshop … I had been seized on Saturday by deep sadness and heartache, because so much had come up in me, something I had never experienced before … Then I had realized that the dark must come out. A friend, whom I also greatly appreciate, had then continued to work with me and since then, all sadness is gone and only joy, a joy that I had hardly experienced before, the pure joy. Today I have experienced a veritable wave of joy and a man with assistants has suddenly smiled me in the shopping center. And many people are suddenly very friendly to me :-). Thank you, thank you, thank you :-). I would like to come back to one of your workshops.”
Stefanie T.


“I find you unbelievable, and I mean, just as I write it, I do not know anyone in this world who is as life-affirming as YOU … I feel closer to you and more connected …”
Daniela S. (after a single coaching)


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