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Abuna Semai

von Abuna Semai

23. September 2022

Auf dem Weg zur Selbsterkenntnis tauchen viele Fragen auf, die meisten davon sind nicht persönlicher, sondern universeller Natur. Einige der besten werde ich hier per Audio beantworten, bzw. den Weg zur Antwort im Audio aufzeigen. Wie immer ist es der Innere Lehrer, die Innere Stimme, die gehört werden will. In den Dialog mit dem Selbst zu treten und Antworten von innen zu erhalten, ist bedeutsamer als alles, was im Außen erfahren werden kann.

Bevor ich Fragen beantworte oder Wege aufzeige, will ich die eigenen Bestrebungen des Fragenden erkennen ;). Wenn du also mit dem Gedanken spielst, mir eine Frage zu stellen, dann finde zuerst für dich selbst heraus, was dir von innen gegeben wird. Nicht aus deinen Glaubenssätzen, was du gehört, gelernt oder dir zusammengereimt hast, sondern aus der Stille der Meditation und Intuition.

Many questions arise on the path to self-knowledge, most of which are not personal but universal in nature. I will answer some of the best ones here by audio, or rather show the way to the answer in the audio. As always, it is the Inner Teacher, the Inner Voice, that needs to be heard. Entering into dialogue with your Self and receiving answers from within is more significant than anything you can experience externally.

Before I answer questions or point out paths, I have to recognise the questioner’s own aspirations ;). So if you are thinking of asking me a question, first go and find out for yourself what is given to you from within. Not from your beliefs, what you have heard, learned or put together, but from meditation and intuition.

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Insgesamt 21h 27min

♫ Podcast

Alltogether 3h 01min

    When it comes to love and attachment, what is really love and why are relationships painful? What kind of love is it?



    Is being the eye of the storm similar to none reaction? Is none reaction meaning to embrace emotions and thoughts as they come but “no judgment” is this how not to react, by embracing emotion/thoughts and allowing, or by seperating observer from emotion? But by seperating sometimes feels like pushing which can be a bit resisting.. Its tricky somehow, such small differences.

    Also because when i enjoy the feeling its like its becoming more and reflecting in my life more pain.


    You can say, there are stages of being the eye of the storm. First is non-reaction, for example through being the observer, first of the outside perceptions, then also the inside reactions/sensations. Then non-reaction without ignorance. Then non-reaction with awareness also turned inside to the non-reactive „part“, which leads to parallel awareness of the Self. Then action out of this state of being, without cause or result, pure free will. 

    Our mind (usually in the limbic system) is trained to resist sensations which are rated unpleasent. This habit leads to the will to extract awareness from this sensation, which leads to ignorance in mind and numbness in body. While re-action (conditioning) is meant to automate this will. 

    So when you experience that by enjoying unpleasent sensations they seem to become more and are reflecting on the outsiede: that is 100% true :). It is like vomiting: Which was first unpleasent only inside now becomes obvious and visible. That’s why I call Meditation „energetic vomiting“. This is the only way to release the stuck energy. (There is only another „way“ which is “no way“: instant deletion of any manifestation, sometimes called Grace, at the end nothing else than contact with the pure Self.)

    You can say, there are stages of proof. Proof, if you really are in Peace, Love and Joy, stable and consious (Trinity). First is mental: Do you choose to still stay in Trinity, even with unpleasent thoughts? Second is emotional: Do you choose to still stay in Trinity, even with emotions? Third is in the body: Do you choose to still stay in Trinity, even with unpleasent body feelings? Last is material: Do you choose to still stay in Trinity, even with unpleasent events on the outside?

    Energetically all manifestation has to pass these four stages to manifest: First a thought, then an emotion, then a bodyfeeling, then an actual situation on the outside. (Just to complete the sequence: „Zero“ is the will. There is no thought without a will beforehand.)

    So in dissolving manifestations, one has to pass theses four stages with the same will. Either one has the will to Trinity, then it has to vanish at that level, because there is „no-body(!)“ to grab on anymore. Or you choose (will!) to re-act, which means to re-manifest what already is manifesting in any of these levels, mental, emotional, bodily of physical.

    The „small differences“ as you call them are really tricky in the beginning, because they seem to be the same, but are worlds apart in truth, so meditate on and train yourself to distinguish 100%:

    Peace and ignorance
    Love and desire
    Joy and fun
    Agression and aversion

    Aversion, desire and fun are not wrong, the are just creations and for this reason: first temporarily and second no source of Peace, Love and Joy! The are like the sunshine reflected on water (just shining!), but not truely the sun (light!). So don’t count on them to be true or to be able to nourish you in any way.


    Sometimes a reaction in my thoughts are very obsessive and like a drug withdrawal reaction that i lose control, i find it very hard to keep awareness and observating in trinity, what can i do in this situation.


    Then first be in peace that you can not stay in peace ;). That’s the trick. Enjoy the reaction, be in peace losing control, celebrate the obsessive thoughts! There is no need being in control, no need having no thoughts, no need being free from obsession, to be in Peace, Joy and Love! Trinity is not used to erase unpleasent sensations. But by being in Trinity, even without any outer or inner reflections (as you describe), the storm calms itself by time.


    Okay, so the trick is to actually not want to remove these emotions, accepting all. Would sun meditation help or would ig make it more intense to handle, so just stick to simple meditation. 
    I meant to accept but not take action, correct? Be it all internally.


    It is not about accepting only. Accepting is a often misunderstood buddhist concept, and kind of a wrapped powerless indifference, helplessness. I really mean enjoying. Since all creation (also all „bad“ emotions, situations, etc. are counted here) has the purpose to be experienced by the creator, enjoying them leads to their destruction, after their purpose is fulfilled. Resistance or ignorance would lead to their recreation. A creation can only be experienced by the creator, means if someone experiences something, he/she had to be the creator beforehand. Through the practice of conscious enjoying of all creation, internally and externally, you detach yourself from any creation – until you dive into that level, where you experience, that what you truely are has nothing to do with any creation.

    If you are eager to remove „bad experiences“, you try to do the role of creation, which also is destruction. This is not your duty and it is not possible. You just have to remove your automated willpower in any way (desire and aversion) regaring any experience. Trying to remove is aversion. Just let it be as it is. No change. It is not possible to change anything, since it is as it is. Blue is blue and a banana is a banana. There is no chance to change this. But you can let a banana be a banana and you can a sadness be a sadness, and by nature(!) -not by yourself- this creation, be it a banana or a sadness, has to vanish, because they all are living, so they have to die one day. Just don’t reinforce them by any reaction.

    FINAL 🙂

    Okay thank you, very clear now🙏🏽🙏🏽.


    Why is it when I stop sunmeditation/sam for a week or two, alot of sadness arise, like a deep river.



    Regarding sun meditation, so i practice daily (just recently became consistent 8-9 days i know its not long and before on & off), in the beginning before sun meditation i was dealing with intense emotions such as anger, so when i stop for 2 days these emotions come back v. intense, (also last year with almost daily practice 5 months and same experience)… So my Q.: How is sun meditation working with these emotions, does it deal with them, or is it like covering them up, and when practice stops they come back up, i feel v. confused, also that this means i need to keep the practice daily always and this is not always possible, and it makes me feel dependant on the practice. Will u explain how this works, why it recurs and what can i do about this. Thanks.



    Helloooooo well something seemingly strange i’d like to ask u about.. Since in quarantine i’m home and i live with my parents, my father is always home which is mostly never the case, he used to only be home at night. I feel his presence as a very heavy burden that puts me down in a very odd way.. And just now i realized that whenever he leaves the house i regain my full energy and will to practice… This is also affecting my practices and just now really just pushing myself to daily practice of SAM and Sun meditation.. What can i do, what would that be.. I got the idea yesterday that this may be of an old core belief of him always putting me down and as if wants me dead or not here.. Thanks



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